Window Display Contest
July 6, 2009


Hello Canada,
This past winter we held a window display contest across the country and below you will see some photo’s of the winning agency. This photo is a great example of branding and true partnership. Congrats to Carlson Wagonlit Harvey’s Travel in Saint John, New Brunswick!!! 
 How do you brand your business with Sandals? Has the Sandals brand increased your revenue? What sort of marketing initiative have you done or will be doing?  How else can we help you grow your business?
Looking forward to all of your comments!
Have a great week!
Quote of the week:
“You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That's the mark of a true professional” – Joe Paterno
Please send me your comments and remember that every comment you send me and it is posted you will automatically be entered to win a 4 night trip to Sandals or Beaches Resorts. There will be one lucky winner a month and the draw will take place the first week of the month. Save my blog address in your favourites or read it on the Sandals News Network
I will be posting the name of our June winner next week as I have not been able to contact this individual and I do want him/her to be surprised.
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Setting Yourself Apart
July 13, 2009


“Believe in the brand, believe that every client needs and deserves a luxury vacation, believe that consumers will buy quality and value – not just price!”LIE
Sandals Resorts didn’t invent the all inclusive concept, but over the years we have perfected it. For a decade we have won every award in the industry and we continue to be voted WORLD’S BEST LUXURY INCLUDED RESORTS.  We have raised the bar in the “all inclusive” world and we believe that the loyalty of our guests confirms our commitment to excellence. Many other hotel chains try to imitate us but remember the saying “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. 
So my questions to you are:  What do you do to set yourself apart from your competition? What can you do to be the best in your market?  Do you only offer products based on price or do you sell quality/value?
I believe in order to be successful in this industry you must specialize in a product and learn everything there is to know about that product. It is impossible to know everything about every resort out there but if you focus on one brand you will be categorized as an expert and you will gain the confidence to sell it. You must be able to recommend a product that will exceed your clients’ expectations; in order to do this you must have product knowledge in brands that will benefit you as a sales professional and that will benefit your clients as far as value and quality. As I have said before, only sell products that will keep your customers coming back to you, don’t sell something because of price - selling “cheap” makes you no money and chances are your customers will not be impressed with what they receive.
When it comes to Sandals Resorts many agents selling our brands believe that they know everything there is to know because they took the css course years ago or they have seen a resort on a site inspection but each and everyday there are so many changes with our brands and to be honest with you there isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t learn something about my own product.  
Here are just a few things that you may not know about Sandals:
-Each and every resort employee must undergo 120 hours of training each and every year
-We do not have bartenders, we have "showtenders"
-When we open a “specialty” restaurant such as a Thai restaurant we actually bring in a chef from Thailand to stay and work on our property, did you know we have over 155 restaurants in our chain
-Our butlers have a maximum of 4-6 suites that they tend to – other hotels that offer butler service have their butlers tending to over 20 suites at a time
-Beaches Turks and Caicos has been given a 6 star rating
-We host over 13,000 destination weddings a year
-All of our resorts are Green Globe Certified
There are so many things that set us apart and if I learn something new everyday about this amazing brand I am sure there are many things that you need to learn in order to sell it based on quality and value.  When was the last time you took the css workshop? I encourage you all to attend a Sandals CSS Workshop so that you can learn more about Sandals, Beaches, Royal Plantation and Grand Pineapple Resorts; even if you have taken the workshop in the past remember that things change everyday and to stay on top of things you must continue to educate yourself so that you can set yourself apart and be a true expert which will give you the confidence to recommend, overcome objections and most importantly close the $ale$$$!  ERVES A VTION
Wishing you all a wonderful week!!
-Quote of the week:
“You have to do what others won't. To achieve what others don't.” – Anonymous
Please send me your comments and remember that every comment you send me and it is posted you will automatically be entered to win a 4 night trip to Sandals or Beaches!!
Congratulations to Deborah from Volare Travel in Ottawa as she is our June “comment” winner!!
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Agents Choice Awards 2009
July 19, 2009



Hello Canada,
It gives me great pleasure to share this blog with you!!  The results of the Canadian Agents Choice Awards are in and I want to personally THANK YOU for your support, dedication and most importantly your loyalty to our brand!  
Thank you CANADA for voting us “Favourite All Inclusive” for ten years in a row, “Favourite Hotel Chain” three years consecutively and “Favourite Environmentally Friendly Company” again this year!
In the all inclusive category we were voted number 1 and we received almost double the amount of points -3,505 – as the runner up had 1,965 points.  In the category of “Favourite Hotel Chain” we were voted number 1; in this category we surpassed some very well known brands such as Fairmont, Hilton and Ritz Carleton just to name a few. This alone shows me the strength our brand has in this industry!
All of this adds up to a lot of confidence in our brand! The results show us that you believe in us and our brand and we are all so grateful for your ongoing support. The commitment goes both ways as we believe in you, our industry partners and we know the vital role you play in our business.
Thank you CANADA for making us your number one brand!!!
Wishing you all a positive week!!
Quote of the week:
“You get out in front - you stay out in front.” –A.J Foyt
Please send me your comments and remember that every comment you send me and it is posted you will automatically be entered to win a 4 night trip to Sandals or Beaches Resorts. There will be one lucky winner a month and the draw will take place the first week of the month. Save my blog address in your favourites or read it on the Sandals News Network.
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Travel Agents Vacation Choice
July 27, 2009


Hello Canada,
Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Halifax and I have to say that everyone that I met really left a positive impression on me. I did meet with one agent who is one of our top producers; she has actually reached the CSS GOLD Status Level!!! Her passion for the Sandals brand was great to see. I asked her this question: What do you love about Sandals? She was kind enough to e-mail me her answer and I would like to share this with you:
“Sandals is an amazing company to work with. I have been selling Sandals since 1996 and have been vacationing at Sandals since 1997.We now go to Beaches with our daughter!!! Why we love Sandals/Beaches so much is that all the resorts are amazing and they offer so much along with top of the line service. I love dining and no reservations required, the drinks (all premium brands) and I can also get champagne anytime of the day!!! I have a choice of where I can go and I choose Sandals and Beaches Resorts every time!”
Kim Hartlen – Sandals Certified Gold Specialist
Kim has many options as to where she goes on her personal vacation and the fact that she only vacations at Sandals / Beaches Resorts says a lot about these brands.
Kim, I thank you for your commitment, support and most importantly your loyalty to the Sandals Brand!!
What do you love about Sandals? When it comes to Sandals/Beaches Resorts, what has left an impression on you?
Wishing you all a great day!!!
Quote of the week:
"People don't ask for facts in making up their minds. They would rather have one good, soul-satisfying emotion than a dozen facts."
Robert Keith Leavitt
Please post your thoughts/comments as I love hearing from all of you. Once you post your comments you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a 4 night stay at a Sandals/Beaches Resort!! Good Luck to you all!!!
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